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New Zealand Summer 2005

Opportunity of a life time - LIVE AND PLAY RUGBY IN NEW ZEALAND FOR 3 MONTHS.
The Boston Irish Wolfhounds are delighted to announce a player exchange with the South Canterbury NPC Union in New Zealand.

2 players will travel from the USA to NZ for 3 months of the summer ~ allowing younger players the experience of living and playing rugby in a foreign country, and be immersed in a great rugby culture.

South Canterbury, who play in the NPC Div 3 would be a good fit for any player interested in playing and training at a very high level. Players will play with a club there and will train and take part in their NPC sessions.

All costs of your travel will be met by the Wolfhounds, with work and accommodation being arranged by the selected host club in New Zealand.

Players who could avail of this opportunity would then return to the states, better players, able to assist in your club or college program.

We are delighted to be able to host 2 New Zealanders, Hami Goldsmith and Mark Tutton, who are here at present and having a great Rugby experience.

Any player(s) interested in this great opportunity are encouraged to contact the Wolfhounds Recruitment Officer ~ Dr. Scott Teague for more information. Scott can be contacted at

Closing Date for interested members: Dec 31st 2004